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Investment Opportunities In Film & Entertainment

As a specialized division within Parsonex, our Film & Entertainment Finance Section operates in seamless integration with our sister company, an expert in film production, finance, and distribution. This collaboration offers a unique, full-spectrum approach to media financing and advisory services. Our fiduciary responsibility as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and broker-dealer enhances the array of financing solutions we provide, tailored to meet diverse needs in the entertainment sector. Leveraging deep industry relationships and expertise, our team is equipped to offer producers, studios, and sales agents a one-stop financing solution. From investment advisory to production loans and beyond, we are committed to balancing financial acumen with creative vision. Our sister company's insights into the creative process, from inception to distribution, ensure that you are receiving comprehensive financing options. In addition, our relationship with Alation enhances our offering with robust data management and analytics capabilities. This means you benefit from not just financial planning and creative insights but also data-driven decision-making, making us a complete solution for your film and entertainment financing needs.


Invest in ownership stakes in film projects or slates, sharing in the potential profits.

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Financing secured by pre-sale contracts with sales agents & distributors.

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Loans are secured by physical assets like production equipment or real estate.

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Short-term loans designed to cover the “gap” in financing needs for a project.

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