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Mark Molenaar

Mark Molenaar

Orange, CA

Mark Molenaar is driven by his unwavering commitment to assisting families in crafting a secure income plan for their retirement years. With a career dedicated to financial services, Mark's primary focus is on retirement planning. He recognizes the evolving financial landscape where traditional pensions are fading, social security remains uncertain, and inflation threatens savings. In this environment, individuals bear increasing responsibility for securing their retirement future. Mark's clients seek not to engage in speculative trading but to embark on a long-term investment journey aligned with their unique financial objectives.

Mark stands apart by offering a broader selection of financial products, thanks to his access to the independent market. This ensures that clients at Parsonex have access to a wide range of competitive products that can aid them in achieving their financial goals and realizing their dreams. Unlike firms limited to proprietary funds, Mark provides the flexibility necessary to tailor investment strategies to individual needs.

Mark Molenaar's paramount objective is helping clients chart their path to long-term retirement success. He emphasizes that a portfolio is not the plan itself but a crucial tool designed to fund the larger retirement plan. His extensive background in risk management informs his comprehensive approach to financial planning. Mark recognizes that clients' needs, wants, and risks evolve throughout their investment journey. Therefore, he goes beyond conventional financial planning, offering services that encompass estate planning, living trusts, life insurance, and goal-oriented budgeting.

For Mark, the cornerstone of his practice is building lifetime client relationships. He understands that a client's behavior plays a pivotal role in long-term success. Mark firmly believes that cultivating strong client-financial professional relationships is instrumental in realizing long-term retirement goals.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Mark and his wife Tracy reside in southern California. They have been happily married for 25 years and are proud parents to two college-aged children and a teenager in high school. Actively engaged in their community, Mark and Tracy contribute to marriage leadership and serve on multiple music teams for their church. In addition, Mark shares his passion for music as a violinist for the Southern California Philharmonic, showcasing his commitment to both his community and his craft.

This financial professional holds the following licenses:
Life insurance
Series 63
Series 65
Series 7

California Life Insurance License

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