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Empowering Your Financial Independence with Specialized Retirement Planning

I help Federal Government Employees and Military Personnel maximize their retirement savings and navigate complex TSP allocations, ensuring tax-efficient growth and sustained income in retirement, through dedicated, expert fiduciary guidance, so that they can enjoy a financially secure retirement, maintain control over their investment decisions, and experience peace of mind about their future.

What We're Experts In

  • Expert TSP Allocation and Management: Tailored strategies to maximize retirement savings for Federal Government Employees and Military Personnel.

  • Fiduciary Advice Specific to Government Employees: Independent, conflict-free financial guidance focused on the client's best interest.

  • Tax-Efficient Retirement Planning: Strategies to minimize tax liabilities and maximize income during retirement.

  • Comprehensive Retirement Income Planning: Detailed planning to ensure sustainable income streams from various accounts, including TSP, IRAs, and other investments.

  • Educational Workshops on Retirement Essentials: In-depth sessions on key retirement topics like pensions, Social Security, and health insurance, specifically designed for government employees.



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Maximize Your Benefits. Achieve Your Dreams.


  • TSP Allocation and Management

  • Fiduciary Financial Advice

  • Tax-Efficient Retirement Strategies

  • Retirement Income Planning

  • Retirement Education Workshops

Meet Michael Beardi:

Your Trusted Partner in Federal Retirement Planning

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Michael Beardi is a retired Colonel and an experienced Independent Financial Advisor with over 24 years dedicated to serving Federal Government Employees and Military Personnel. With a focus on the unique financial needs of government employees, Michael specializes in optimizing Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) allocations, providing fiduciary advice, and crafting tax-efficient retirement strategies.

Michael's commitment stems from his deep understanding of the challenges faced by those in federal service. His expertise is especially valuable to employees concerned with maximizing their retirement income and ensuring their investments reflect their future needs and goals. Whether you are approaching retirement or planning for future financial security, Michael's personalized approach helps navigate the complex landscape of government retirement benefits.

He serves a diverse group of clients including active and retired military personnel, federal employees still in service, and families in Northern Virginia planning for college savings. Michael is passionately dedicated to this group because of their unique financial situations which are often underserved by general financial advice. His mission is to ensure that every client receives comprehensive, tailored financial guidance that aligns with their personal and familial goals.

With Michael Beardi as your advisor, rest assured that your retirement planning is in knowledgeable and committed hands.



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