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Our Services

Customized solutions based on your unique needs

We provide our clients with comprehensive planning, customized investment strategies, and ongoing guidance and advice to help you navigate your financial journey.



Getting to a destination requires a navigation system

Financial planning is a process, not an event. Having a financial roadmap for your goals is important to making informed decisions.


Beginning with the end in mind, it’s important to identify your financial goals, timeframes, and priorities. Carefully analyzing the resources you have available to allocate, to achieving those goals, allows us to evaluate strategies best suited to your needs.  

Our approach provides a framework and perspective for evaluating options, making decisions, and making adjustments along the path.

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Investment Strategies Tailored To Your Unique Needs

Your investments are the vehicle that power your financial journey.  


We offer an extensive range of investment tools tailored to fit your unique aspirations. From our robust in-house strategies to collaborations with carefully selected third-party managers, we ensure that you have access to the best in the industry.


Our focus remains clear and uncompromising to deliver consistent performance that aligns with your goals. With each investment option, be it traditional portfolio strategies or innovative alternatives for accredited investors, we prioritize not just growth, but stability and long-term vision. 

Your trust in us is paramount and every investment decision is made with the intent of fortifying that trust and optimizing your financial trajectory.

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Shaping Success Through Behavioral Guidance

Your financial journey is as much about the steps you take as it is about the pitfalls you avoid. Both research and experience underscore that the significant determinants of long-term investment success isn't solely the financial strategy or the chosen investments – it's investor behavior. Making informed choices, sidestepping frequent pitfalls, and remaining steadfast during periods of market volatility are vital components of enduring investor success.

However, behavior doesn't spontaneously shape itself. It's substantially influenced by the advice one receives or doesn't. That's our pivotal role. Beyond the array of investments and strategic financial plans we present, the most valuable service we can provide is custom-tailored advice based on your unique circumstances.

The efficacy of advice stems from a bedrock of mutual trust and a deep-rooted relationship. Our ambition isn't merely to point you in the right direction. We aspire to journey beside you at every juncture, ensuring the choices you make resonate with our understanding of your goals, position and strategy.  We do all this while delivering the expertise, perspective, and unwavering commitment to your success that you deserve.

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Core Portfolio Strategies For Building And Maintaining Wealth

Our core portfolios focus on long-term growth.  We believe the best way to guard against erosion of capital is to invest in a diversified portfolio of equities which have historically outpaced inflation.

Our dedicated portfolio management team engages in disciplined fundamental research to build concentrated portfolios of companies based on solid balance sheets, positive earnings, cash flows and proven management teams.  We use macro-economic trends to develop top-down themes from which we select stocks that meet our fundamental criteria.  

Our time-intensive research process allows us to have conviction in our ideas and we are therefore comfortable holding concentrated positions which can lead to outperformance.  

Our long term, disciplined approach allows us to hold stocks for several years, allowing themes to play out and pursue steady gains while minimizing taxes and keeping our turnover low.

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Diversify Your Portfolio With Alternative Assets

Parsonex offers eligible investors a variety of alternative investment strategies seeking diversification, income or tax favorable strategies. 

Our team has expertise in several areas including real estate development, oil and gas, special situations, and entertainment finance.

In addition to traditional alternative strategies, through our affiliates, we have extensive expertise in film and entertainment finance including tax credit financing, gap capital, bridge loans, and equity investments in individual projects or slates of films.  

For business owners and filmmakers seeking to raise capital for various projects or obtain financing for projects, we have both consulting and financing options available.  Click here for more information.

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