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Core Portfolio Strategies

Strategies for building and maintaining Wealth

We provide our clients with comprehensive planning, customized investment strategies, and ongoing guidance and advice to help you navigate your financial journey.

Core Portfolio Strategies For Building And Maintaining Wealth

Our core portfolios focus on long-term growth.  We believe the best way to guard against erosion of capital is to invest in a diversified portfolio of equities which have historically outpaced inflation.

Our dedicated portfolio management team engages in disciplined fundamental research to build concentrated portfolios of companies based on solid balance sheets, positive earnings, cash flows and proven management teams.  We use macro-economic trends to develop top-down themes from which we select stocks that meet our fundamental criteria.  

Our time-intensive research process allows us to have conviction in our ideas and we are therefore comfortable holding concentrated positions which can lead to outperformance.  

Our long term, disciplined approach allows us to hold stocks for several years, allowing themes to play out and pursue steady gains while minimizing taxes and keeping our turnover low.

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Diversify Your Portfolio With Alternative Assets

Parsonex offers eligible investors a variety of alternative investment strategies seeking diversification, income or tax favorable strategies. 

Our team has expertise in several areas including real estate development, oil and gas, special situations, and entertainment finance.

In addition to traditional alternative strategies, through our affiliates, we have extensive expertise in film and entertainment finance including tax credit financing, gap capital, bridge loans, and equity investments in individual projects or slates of films.  

For business owners and filmmakers seeking to raise capital for various projects or obtain financing for projects, we have both consulting and financing options available.  Click here for more information.

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