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E. Magnus Oppenheim 

Acquired by Parsonex in 2023 

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Investment strategies focused on proven strategies, not the latest craze.


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Learn about the many advantages offered by investing with E. Magnus Oppenheim & Co., Inc. If you feel we are an appropriate fit for your investment needs, and, are a qualified prospective investor desiring our performance record and company information, please contact usat 212-983-1818. We look forward to hearing from you and will respond promptly.


Investment Strategies Based on Research

Investment Strategies Based On Our Research
  • Investment strategies based on our research.

    • Portfolio comprised, primarily but not exclusively, of larger companies (NYSE and NASDAQ-listed) with broad stock capitalization and the potential for capital appreciation in the intermediate to long-term.

    • Personal supervision of each investment position in the portfolio.

    • We do not engage in risky strategies such as trading, short-selling, buying on margin, or speculating in derivatives.

  • Personal supervision of each investment position in the portfolio.

  • An individual securities brokerage account featuring:

    • Investment of cash balances at prevailing day-to-day money market rates

    • Confirmation for each transaction

    • Monthly statements containing market valuations of all portfolio holdings

    • A schedule of estimated gains and losses with supporting information and data furnished twice a year to each advisory client – in September for tax-planning and the following January for tax-return filing

    • Taxable accounts are managed to achieve the maximum tax savings possible (“tax-efficiency”)

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Fundamentals-Based Research Style Emphasizes Value and Special Situations

Since 1971, E. Magnus Oppenheim & Co., Inc. has specialized in in-depth analysis of securities in search of investment opportunities for capital appreciation. Our investment decisions are based on fundamentals, so we aggressively pursue the search for undervalued situations when stock prices are depressed. Since the investments we select are usually in situations whose dynamics may evolve over a one-, two- or three-year duration, long-term capital appreciation is the norm. However, should our price target be reached sooner, we may opt to take profits and realize short-term capital gains.

Our research efforts are usually, but not exclusively, concentrated on larger companies (NYSE and NASDAQ-listed) with broad stock capitalization and sufficient industry and corporate information readily available for thorough analysis.

We do not engage in risky strategies such as trading, short-selling, buying on margin, or speculating in derivatives. Our portfolio management approach utilizes diversification to help control the risk that is always present in stock market investments. In addition, to maximize total investment return, some dividend yield is sought whenever possible.

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About Us

E. Magnus Oppenheim & Co., Inc. has been a trusted advisor to individual investors, institutions, trusts, foundations and pension plans for many decades. Incisive research, exemplary customer service and attention to detail are the hallmarks of our company since its beginnings.

Founded in 1971 by E. Magnus Oppenheim and based in New York City, E. Magnus Oppenheim & Co., Inc. is committed to building strong relationships, many of which include third- and fourth-generation clients.

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Our People

Our mission is to steadily increase our client’s assets while mitigating the risks associated with any stock market investment. Our staff adheres to the highest standards of ethical conduct, and has earned the trust of our clients over the decades for reliable and competent advice.

Our investment staff’s education and professional credentials speak to their commitment to excellence.

Our administrative team has extensive background in customer service, and provides our clients with prompt assistance.

To find out more about our personnel and read their biographies, click on their names in the navigation menu on the left.

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Diversify Your Portfolio With Alternative Assets
Portfolio Manager

Salma joined the firm in 2005 and is responsible for equity research and portfolio management. Prior to joining E. Magnus Oppenheim & Co., Inc., Salma worked as a Proprietary Futures Trader at Penson GHCO, clearing member of the Chicago Board of Trade.

Salma received a Master of Science degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science (2003) and earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University (2002). She holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designations.


Lonette joined E. Magnus Oppenheim & Co., Inc. in 2008 as an Administrator. Previously, she had nine years of experience as an Administrator at AXA Advisors and MSL Financial Services.

Lonette is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree at Fordham University.

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