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Alternative Investment Strategies

Financial Report

Plan Better.
Retire Smarter.


Pension Guidance System

Simplifying and understanding your pension system.

Retirement Readiness

Are you ready to retire?  Should you consider early retirement? Evaluate options.

Asset Management

Projections on how to manage your wealth.

Estate Planning

Ensure a smooth transition of your assets to your beneficiaries.

Insurance Solutions

Understand the various benefits of various insurance polciies.

Film Reels


What is a Qualified Opportunity Fund?
  • Tax-incentivized investment vehicle created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 

  • Invests in development and redevelopment in Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZs)

  • QOZs are designated census tracts in each state

  • Investors may receive tax benefits for investing realized capital gains within 180 days

This is a summary only.  Refer to Risks and Important Disclosures for additional information. There is no guarantee that investors in the Fund will realize any of these benefits. If the Fund fails to meet the requirements to be treated as a qualified opportunity zone fund, investors will be unable to take advantage of the potential tax benefits and may suffer significant tax consequences.

We are not just making investments,
we are making a difference.

Check out some of the projects we are currently sponsoring and involved with.


Grand Junction Market


Brook Willow


not sure if they want others out there.


Invest in ownership stakes in film projects or slates, sharing in the potential profits.


Financing secured by pre-sale contracts with sales agents & distributors.


Short-term loans designed to cover the “gap” in financing needs for a project and a variety of other niche financing.


See how saving just a little more now can mean all the difference in retirement.


We’ll put together an investment mix to help you reach your retirement goals.

Retirement Income

Move from saving wisely to spending wisely in retirement.


Getting Started On Your Financial Roadmap | Financial Planning

Personalized plans based on your unique goals

You have financial goals. We can help. We’ll review your investments and help you make the best decisions toward the lifestyle you want.



Empowering Law Enforcement Personnel Towards a Secure Financial Future

Pension System Guidance

Simplifying and understanding your pension system.

On Your Marks

Retirement Readiness

Evaluating if you're ready to retire and how to prepare if not.

Investment Management.jpeg

Asset Management

Offering projections and advice on how to manage and grow your wealth.

Happy Family with Pets

Estate Planning

Ensuring a smooth transition of assets to your beneficiaries.

Insurance Agent

Insurance Solutions

Explaining the benefits of various insurance policies.

female advisor.jpg

Our Financial Professionals

Get the expertise you need and service you deserve

At Parsonex, our seasoned financial professionals specialize in guiding you through wealth management and retirement planning with a personal touch. Recognizing that every individual has distinct financial aspirations and needs, we emphasize delivering customized solutions. Our unwavering commitment ensures you feel understood and confident about the future, with a financial strategy meticulously designed for your unique journey.

Home Office Team

Matthew Peterra

Operations Manager

Jacinta Gatahi

New Business / Commissions

Salma Abdulla Profile.png
Salma Abdulla, CFA

Portfolio Manager | Core

Jen Fontanilla

Marketing & Communication

Brian Neustrom

Chief Compliance Officer

Profile Pictures Staff.png
Fred Vojtsek

New Business / Commissions

Fred A.png
Fred Adams

Portfolio Manager | Alternatives

Lonette Durrant

Client Service Specialist

Abbie Williams

Director of Finance

Sarah .png
Sarah Putnik

Executive Assistant to CEO

Stewart Lowenstein

Portfolio Manager | Alternatives

Kaleb Underwood


Executive Leadership | Office of the CEO

Investment Strategies

A comprehensive approach to wealth management.

Investment Philosophies

A comprehensive approach to wealth management.

Our Core Growth Strategy seeks prudent long term growth through a concentrated portfolio of approximately 20 U.S. large cap stocks.  We believe that a focused portfolio of twenty well managed stocks is sufficient to create proper diversification while owning a meaningful amount of the highest conviction positions.


The Power of Partnership

Partnering together in pursuit of the lifestyle you envision

Planning | Investments | Advice

Find a financial professional that will provide you the planning, service and expertise you deserve. Find the right professional for you today.

Core Portfolio Strategies

Our core portfolio strategies utilize disciplined philosophies and a focused approach in pursuing long term results that match clients goals.

Alternative Investments

Eligible investors can diversify their portfolios with alternative investments including real estate, oil and gas, and film industry investments.

Our Services

Comprehensive planning, investments, and advice tailored to your specific needs.

• In-House Portfolio Solutions

• Curated Third Party Asset Managers

• Separately Managed Accounts

• Customized Portfolios

• Model Portfolios        

• Fund Management 

• Personalized Service

• Dedicated Portfolio Manager

• Tax Management & Planning

• Liquidity Solutions

• Charitable Giving Strategies       

• Estate Planning

Retirement Planning, its up to you.

Individuals are increasingly having to take responsibility for their own retirement planning. Fortunately, there are a lot of good retirement planning options your financial professional can help you find and implement. Whether social security is there or not, in order to enjoy the lifestyle you want during retirement, it’s important that you plan ahead.

IRAs, ROTH IRAs, SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs and more! Which one is right for you? 

Company Sponsored Retirement Plans

Company sponsored retirement plans, like 401ks and other profit sharing plans, are often the only retirement plans that individuals participate in.

  • Have you looked at your retirement plan lately?

  • Is your retirement plan financial professional meeting with you regularly to review your options?

  • Do your employees clearly understand the options available to them?

Non- Profits

Non-profit organizations have several unique needs in managing their portfolios.

Our representatives have access to leading money managers and are able to design a custom-tailored program that meets your specific needs. Our representatives help you design a custom portfolio, but more importantly, meet with the members of your organization and investment committee to ensure that your goals are being met.

Do you work in one of the following fields?

We have experienced financial professionals to help you navigate your unique retirement needs.

Law Enforcement

Find a financial professional that will provide you the service and expertise you deserve.

Financial Report

Fire Department

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Are you a business owner?

Let us know what you need help with.

Selling a Business

Find a financial professional that will provide you the service and expertise you deserve.

Loan Placement Services

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Financial Report

Raising Capital

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 Retirement Plans

401k, SEPs, Simple IRAs

Alternative Financing

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Owner Investments

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Plan your future

Plan for retirement, inheritance and other long term financial goals with a financial roadmap.


Explore Investments

We offer a comprehensive suite of investment options that can be tailored to your specific needs.


Get Customized Advice

Get professional, customized advice from advisors with expertise and experience.

We believe the foundation of long term success is great relationships.  Through a comprehensive our clients motivations, financial positions, and lifestyle priorities helps us advise our clients effectively, recommend appropriate investment strategies and strucuture service around your desired lifestyle

Solutions Tailored To Your Specific Needs

I would like to explore:

Wealth Management
Retirement Planning

Portfolio Management
Alternative Investments

Niche Expertises

Film & Entertainment Industry Finance
Investing in Film
Qualified Opportunity Zones
Special Situations Investing

If you are a financial professional with another firm seeking information on our private funds, click here.

I am a financial professional and looking for a broker dealer or RIA


Solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Wealth Management

Lifestyle & Legacy

Financial Advice

Long Term / Goals Based

Financial Report

Retirement Planning

Invest through Retirement.

Film Finance

Making Movies Happen


Core and Explore.

Alternative Investments

Compliment your goals.

Plan your future


Explore Investments


Get customized advice


CONTENT - then review with Uli

Our partners and financial professionals share a common core philosophy but have specialized expertise in different niche markets.


Parsonex is a diversified, independent financial services firm with a dynamic track record of growth and success. We provide a comprehensive suite of financial services to our clients.

Photo of silhouetted mountain climber helping another climber up a rock face representing

The Power Of Partnership


Who Specializes In:

Retirement Planning from...

Law Enforcement


Company Sponsored Retired Plans

Firefighters & First Responders

Companies with Schwab PCRA Plan

Retirement Planning from...



Real-world insights on building and scaling businesses

Investment Industry

Wealth management, Parsonex philosophies, and career guidance

Film Industry

Film finance and independent film production - tips for are running a business!

Success Principles

Time-tested truths and observations for success in both personal and professional realms.


Principles of effective leadership across various organizational layers, including executive leadership and team management.

Speaking Fee

Virtual Events

$15,000 for presentations up to 1 hour. Recording with pre-approval only.

In Person

$25,000 for presentations up to 1 hour.

Recording with pre-approval only.

Types of Financing Available to Filmmakers

Advisory Services

Expert consultation on financial strategies, guiding your project from concept to completion.

Equipment Finance

Asset-based lending tailored to your equipment needs for production excellence.

P&A Financing

Dedicated funds to generate market buzz and properly ensure its visibility.

Development Loans

Financial support for early-stage projects, backing your vision from script to screen.

Bridge Loans

Short-term financing to fill the gap between your immediate needs and long-term funding.

Operating Companies

Working capital solutions for your film enterprise, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations.


Equity that align with your film's needs, providing a foundation for sustainable success.

Finishing Funds

Final-phase financing to bring your project from post-production to premier.

Real Estate

Capital for the physical spaces essential to your film's production and distribution.

Production Loans

Financing of pre-sale contracts to provide production resources and ultimate distribution.

Tax Credit Financing

Financing your projects available tax credits and incentives.

General Questions

Not sure where your project fits?  Contact us for an initial consultation..

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