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Andrew Allard

Orange, CA

With over 20 years of experience in the tax business, Andrew Allard brings his passion for resolving tax-related issues to addressing challenges across various financial domains.

Andrew adopts a coaching approach in assisting clients with their financial planning. Prior to offering any recommendations, he engages in collaborative discussions where both parties share insights. At Parsonex, the focus is on guidance rather than product sales. The coaching process entails creating a comprehensive roadmap for the client's financial future, aiming to help individuals and their families achieve their goals and dreams.

Operating as an independent agent, Andrew remains unaffiliated with any specific company, recognizing that a singular solution may not be suitable for every client.

Whether you are seeking a financial professional or are open to a second opinion, Andrew encourages a conversation over a cup of coffee. During this discussion, he evaluates your current situation and either acknowledges its strength or presents a more tailored plan for your life. Regardless of the outcome, the coffee is on him.

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