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Brian Quartucci

Brian Quartucci

Frederick, MD

With over two decades of unwavering commitment to assisting families in achieving their financial aspirations, Brian Quartucci has become a trusted figure in the world of finance. In addition to his extensive experience, Brian finds immense satisfaction in educating, training, and mentoring emerging financial professionals.

One of the most significant accolades Brian receives from his clients is their appreciation for his unique talent—simplifying complex financial matters. He has the remarkable ability to take what may seem intricate and obscure to clients and present it in a clear, understandable manner. This gift allows his clients to navigate the financial landscape with confidence and clarity.

Brian Quartucci's independence as a financial agent sets him apart in the industry. His commitment to the independent market ensures that his clients have access to a diverse array of competitive financial products, empowering them to pursue their financial aspirations and dreams with assurance.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Brian enjoys a fulfilling personal life with his beloved wife, Stacy, whom he has been happily married to for over 18 years. Together, they are the proud parents of four wonderful children, consisting of two boys and two girls. Their family shares a deep passion for travel baseball and softball, making late March through late October a season of baseball diamonds and softball fields across the state of Maryland.

For those who may not have a dedicated financial professional or are open to a second opinion, Brian Quartucci extends a warm invitation to sit down for a cup of coffee. In this relaxed setting, he can assess your financial situation and provide valuable insights. Whether affirming your current path or presenting an improved plan to align with your goals and dreams, Brian's consultation is accompanied by the comforting assurance that the coffee is on him.

This financial professional holds the following licenses:
Series 6
Series 63
Series 26

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