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Carol Griffin

Carol Griffin

Arvada, CO

Carol Griffin embarked on her career in Financial Services in 2003 with a fervent desire to learn the fundamentals and explore various business models within the industry. She sought to determine which ideals resonated most strongly with her values. In 2006, her quest led her to Parsonex, a firm that not only provided invaluable support for her as a financial professional but also embraced philosophies and concepts she wholeheartedly believed in and wished to share with her clients.

Before entering the world of Financial Services, Carol had already established a robust background. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business in 2002, which introduced her to diverse career opportunities in the business world. From 2003 to 2005, Carol held a full-time position as an accountant at a large governmental agency in Denver. Over the course of 26 years, she managed various departments within the agency's accounting division. Her most cherished responsibilities involved overseeing the agency's cash flow and investment portfolio, which reached a substantial value of $27,000,000 to $30,000,000. Through this experience, Carol discovered her genuine passion for growing wealth when specific needs or goals were defined.

An instrumental moment in her financial journey occurred in 1983 when Carol and her husband consulted with an independent financial professional. This meeting introduced them to the foundational principles of financial planning and the importance of investing to achieve personal financial goals. Under the guidance of this financial professional, they crafted their first Financial Roadmap, acquired their initial Term Life Insurance policy to safeguard their family, and initiated their first of several mutual fund investments.

As a dedicated financial professional, Carol Griffin is wholeheartedly committed to her clients, with a focus on building strong relationships and providing exceptional service. Her key commitments to her clients include:

  • Crafting personalized Financial Roadmaps tailored to meet individual goals and objectives.

  • Ensuring the appropriate implementation of Term Life Insurance.

  • Simplifying the complexities of investing through fundamental teachings.

  • Linking individual investments to personal desires and offering guidance to maintain alignment with those desires.

  • Emphasizing the importance of a long-term investment approach.

  • Providing recommendations for investments that secure a lasting income throughout retirement.

  • Believing that her advice and guidance will contribute to the success of her clients' financial goal-setting endeavors.

Carol Griffin's roots trace back to Sandusky, Michigan, though she and her husband have called Arvada, Colorado, home since 1980. Their family has flourished with two adult daughters who operate a thriving chiropractic practice in Lafayette, CO, a source of immense pride for Carol. Beyond her professional life, Carol and her husband find joy in camping, traveling, riding their Harley motorcycles, and cherishing moments with family and friends whenever opportunities arise.

This financial professional holds the following licenses:
Life insurance
Health insurance
Series 6
Series 63
Series 65

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