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John McCarthy

John McCarthy

Tustin, CA

John McCarthy is a passionate advocate for families seeking to secure their financial futures through comprehensive retirement planning. With a strong dedication to financial education and a commitment to mentoring emerging financial professionals, John brings a wealth of experience to the world of finance.

Specializing in Retirement Planning

John's primary focus revolves around retirement planning. Recognizing the challenges posed by disappearing pensions and uncertain social security, he is dedicated to equipping individuals with dependable long-term investment strategies aligned with their unique financial objectives.

An Independent Perspective

John McCarthy embraces the power of independence in the financial market. This independence grants Parsonex clients access to a diverse range of competitive financial products and services, empowering them to pursue their dreams and financial goals with confidence.

Dedicated to Investment

At the core of John McCarthy's mission is a steadfast commitment to helping clients build robust retirement plans. He firmly believes in the potency of long-term investing as a means to secure financial futures.

Client-Centric and Values-Driven

John McCarthy stands out among financial services providers not only for the services he offers but also for those he consciously chooses not to. He adheres to a set of unwavering values, ensuring that his clients' best interests are always at the forefront of his financial strategies.

Building Lifelong Client Relationships

While independence is crucial in selecting competitive financial products, John McCarthy understands that the key to long-term success lies in the relationships between clients and financial professionals. He places great emphasis on cultivating strong, enduring client-financial professional connections that play a pivotal role in achieving long-term retirement goals.

This financial professional holds the following licenses: Life insurance
Health insurance
Series 6
Series 63
Series 65
Series 26

California Life Insurance License

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