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Steven Velasquez

Steven Velasquez

Orange, CA

Steve Velasquez is a Financial Consultant with Parsonex Securities, Inc. Steve began working part time in the financial services industry in 2016.

Steve’s full time job is with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, where he holds the rank of sergeant.  Steve has been a sworn peace officer for over 22 years. Steve has always had a love for numbers, and helping people. On that note, Steve decided working in the financial services industry would be another way to extend his service to others. His background as a government employee, where integrity is of utmost importance, allows him to easily strive to do what is best for his clients.

Steve’s background as a government employee allows him to assist clients with the rigors of government pensions. Additionally, Steve has extensive experience with the County of Los Angeles Deferred Compensation (Horizons) and Retirement Plans. Steve is also familiar with Los Angeles County’s Termination Pay and Megaflex programs.  Finally, Steve can help you with estate planning by assisting you with a Revocable Living Trust to ensure the smooth transition of assets to your beneficiaries.

Steve lives in Wildomar, CA with his wife Jeanette and their dog Lulu.

This financial professional holds the following licenses:
Series 6
Series 63

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